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Ministry Program Rules

jesus washing feet program rules

  1. During your initial 30 days of participation in this program, you are not permitted to leave the premises without a valid reason (example, doctors appointment, court appearance, etc.) Participants will always travel accompanied by another member as designated by leader.
  2. The use of cell phones is prohibited during your stay at the ministry. Upon successful completion of 90 days, participants are allowed one 15 minute phone call on Tuesdays or Thursdays between the hours of 6 PM and 8 PM, with the last call being placed no later then 7:45 PM. Participants must submit the names and numbers of the people they wish to call to the leader for review. For the first year contact will only be allowed with mother, father, children and siblings.
  3. For the first 30 days, participants will be allowed no visitors. Family and friends are allowed to come to church service on Sunday only. ( This is a church service not a visit, conduct will be supervised.
  4. After six months, Participants may have visitors on Saturdays from 12 PM to 3 PM.
  5. After six months, participants will be allowed supervised Home visits from the hours of 7 AM to 4 PM. (These visits will require accompaniment by another member of the ministry. This off-site visitation must be pre-approved and will be granted based on the participants progress reports. )
  6. All personal music devices must have only Christian music on them and will be used only when bible study sessions are not in progress. Television use will be limited to approximately 2 movies on Saturdays and Sundays. Only teaching or Biblical movies and videos are acceptable on other days as designated and approved by leader.
  7. All participants will take part in the complete cleaning of living facilities on a weekly basis in addition to required daily chores. Failure to participate in the said daily and weekly responsibilities will result in consequences which could include dismissal from program. Participants with the means to donate food and or money are required to do so. The amount will be determined using a sliding scale basis and is not to exceed $220 per month for food. And $440 per month total contribution. The amount will be agreed-upon prior to the signing of this agreement.
  8. All participants of this ministry are required to live and move in community and agree to take part in all group activities including but not limited to the following, Church, recreational outings, Service projects, one-on-one, drug and alcohol groups, Christian step meetings, as well as any other activities deemed appropriate by leader.
  9. Upon signing of this agreement, participants agree to turn over any and all of the following: illegal drugs and or drug paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons, any prescription medication and any other items that may pose a threat to themselves or other members of the ministry.
  10. While in this ministry program, participants agree to abstain from the following: drugs, alcohol, fighting, gambling, self-mutilation, and sexual activity.
  11. Participants in the program are prohibited to have one on one conversation with the opposite sex unless accompanied by a leader or another disciple designated by a leader.
  12. Participants agree that they are aware of the leaders ability to conduct random drug and alcohol testing at any time, also random searches of living area and property. Upon signing of this agreement you state that you have read and understand all the rules set forth by this ministry and agree to abide by such. In addition, you understand that failure to comply with the rules of the program will result in consequences that could include immediate dismissal from the program.
  13. Participants agree to be filmed and photos taken for teaching and promotional reasons. Video will be edited and posted on various web sites ( facebook & youtube )

Participant’s agreed upon contribution

Participants Signature: ______________

Staff Members Signature: _______________


Upon signing of this agreement you state that you have no rights and you will die to the desires of your flesh. Failure to comply with rules and authority can result in dismissal from program.

Participants Signature: _________________  Date: _________________

Staff Members Signature: __________________  Date: ________________

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