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Discipleship Program Interaction Guidelines

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor,
giving preference to one another.
Romans 12:10

The men that are committed to the 18 month discipleship program are committed to a set structure of rules. We would like to clearly communicate these rules to our church community and visitors. It is the responsibility of every disciple in the program to follow the rules that have been established for the program. We are merely informing you of these rules to establish a clearer understanding of the discipleship program. We ask that you respect the boundaries that have been created for the safety of the disciple, the church Community and visitors. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions please contact leadership at (203) 909 – 9194, our Contact Us page or email us

Needs of The 180 Center disciples:

The needs of the disciples are met by the Lord through His appointed authority at The 180 Center. Nothing is to be given to a disciple or received from a disciple without the knowledge and approval of the leadership. Examples of this are money, books, DVDs, CD’s, mail, phones, food, clothing, cigarettes, etc.

Scriptural discussion:

The 180 Center purposes to follow the Bible. The Lord delights in the fact that we are a Body ministry. We have open discussions and share personal testimonies and revelations. We welcome the transparency of your perception on the matter we are discussing during our time of study. We do ask if your perception or understanding is different from our presentation, please keep your discussion about your differences within the study period time frame. Please do not share your views during private one on one interaction with a disciple. The guidelines require that disciples are always accompanied by another disciple.


Scripture says we are our brother’s keeper. If you hear or observe something that may violate The 180 Center guidelines or inappropriate conduct or language, please do not hesitate to inform leadership immediately. The 180 Center practices transparency; please inform leadership if a disciple asks you to betray this practice by keeping something secret.

Respect for The 180 Center authority:

Attached are the rules each disciple must follow; please take time to read the rules. Although you may not understand the rules or agree with them, please show respect for The 180 Center authority by allowing effective implementation for the safety and growth of the disciples in the program.
All questions about the rules may be directed to The 180 Center by calling 203-909-9194.



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