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Sober House Rules and Regulations

  1. use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited. You will be immediately terminated if we discover any form of substance abuse. Owner or designated staff member has the right to request urine samples, and or drug testing or breathalyzer at any time. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination.
  1. Medical conditions should be brought to the attention of the house manager upon entering the facility.
  1. All residents are required to remain free of any illegal activity.
  1. No weapons allowed on premises. Violators will be immediately terminated.
  1. I agree to be in the house before curfew, and agree not to stay away from house without permission. Curfew is 10:30 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on Friday and Saturday nights. Doors will be locked at curfew hour. 24 hour notice must be given prior to extended curfew or overnights, no exceptions.
  1. I agree to return all household property upon vacating the residence.
  1. There will be no smoking in house at all. Smoking in house can result in immediate termination. Outside smoking is permitted at designated area only.
  1. I agree to pay my rent on time. If I fall behind one week I may be immediately terminated.
  1. I agree to participate in weekly house meetings.
  1. No altercations or destruction of house inside or out, including nothing on walls.
  1. No visitors are allowed in or around the house.
  1. Sexual activity is not allowed on the premises.
  1. No sexual relations between any resident in the house including the owner and or house manager.
  1. Registered sex offenders must inform both the owner and house manager and comply with all the statutory reporting requirements in accord with the Connecticut Gen. Statutes 54 – 250 through 54 – 261.
  1. No profanity, yelling, or physical confrontations. Violators will be immediately terminated.
  1. No loud radios, TV, or Walkman/iPod playing. Headphones are encouraged.
  1. Electrical appliances must be turned off before leaving the house.
  1. All residents are responsible for cleaning their bed area daily. No food in bedrooms. No exceptions. When preparing meals, COOK-EAT-CLEAN!!! (no dishes left in sink).
  1. Maintain your personal hygiene appropriately, free of any offensive orders. No mouthwash to be used on or off premises. Alcohol free mouthwash is permitted.
  1. Community area of the house will be kept clean at all times.
  1. All residents must participate in the cleaning of the house daily and GI day. Each house member is responsible for a chore and chores will be completed by to designated time.
  1. Each member is responsible for their own food and should not eat anyone else’s food without permission. Taking someone Else’s food without permission is considered stealing. Stealing is reason for immediate termination.
  1. Stealing is prohibited. You will be immediately terminated and 911 will be called.
  1. We are not responsible for your belongings upon your discharge.
  1. No house member will enter anyone Else room at any time no exceptions.
  1. 30 day notice upon leaving sober house. Failure to do so will result in loss of security deposit, (including pre-paid rent). Land lord has 10 business days to return deposit.
  1. Managers have the right to search client’s rooms, and their belongings at any time if we suspect suspicious activity.
  1. Laptop computers only, NO TVS IN BEDROOM.
  1. All immediate terminations automatically forfeit security deposit, (including pr-paid rent).
  1. All grievances and conflicts should be resolved between the individuals or the mediator from the house.. If the issues are not resolved to the satisfaction of all parties then the issue must be brought to the house manager’s attention within 72 hours and in writing if possible. All formal grievances will be addressed through the weekly house meeting which is the process of conflict resolution.
  1. No pets allowed.
  1. All bicycles will be locked at the designated location.
  1. New residents are required to be on a 90 day probationary period in which they can be immediately terminated at any time for noncompliance of the rules and regulations. I also wave my right to any claims of liabilities during my residency at the sober house.
  1. By signing this contract, I am agreeing to the above terms. Furthermore, I fully acknowledge that my stay at this house is temporary and I waive my right to any such claim, even after 30 days of stay. I agree that the violation of the above rules and regulations are grounds for immediate termination from the 180 House, ___________________ location. I also agree that my signature on this document is both legal and binding. I signed this contract of my own free will.
  2. I give permission to The 180 Center to photograph, take video and show or post material on web.
  1. 180 HOUSE LLC. is not responsible for any loss of property for any reason.

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